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Abortion Is Such a First World Problem

Yeah, I know, abortion has been around for a very long time in all kinds of civilizations. But it was never celebrated, never called a ‘right.’ It wasn’t a cause of public protest, but of public and personal shame.

Because our lives have become so easy, we just don’t value how precious life truly is. We figure we can have a healthy baby whenever we’d like, just like we can have food or transportation or a soy latte whenever we’d like. It’s our choice, or worse, we’re entitled to it.

The ancient Hebrews valued life so much that they equated male ejaculation and female menstruation to a loss of life. By comparison, if you touched a dead body, you’d be ritually unclean; in the same way, if you came into contact with semon or menstrual blood, it’d be as if you touched a dead body, because, in a sense, you did. Life was being lost.

They knew how valuable life was and how hard it was to procreate. They lost many babies to birth complications, disease, the elements, lack of nutrition, social conditions, wild animals, inadequate clothing or blankets, insufficient technology, and family strife. They knew that each person, whether male or female, was both a miracle and a miracle maker. Even more, they took their genders seriously, because the survival of the human race unquestionably depended on each doing his or her part.

Not us. We think the greatest thing we can do is get a million followers and earn a million bucks. But the reality is that the greatest thing we can do is make a human life. Period. No question. Just ask yourself, would you rather have your life or a million dollars? A million likes? Obviously, your life is way more important, and if you don’t realize that, then God help you.

Every drop of procreative fluid that escapes from your body pulses with immortal glory. If you can’t see that, then you’ve been deranged by the lure of ‘choice’ (or maybe scientism) for too long. Sometimes life chooses you and hands you the baton, whether you asked for it or not. You just got handed the winning ticket and have been asked to cash it in. Life doesn’t seek your permission, any more than the sun asks you if it can rise or set each day. It boldly comes to you, ready or not, and wildly screams, “Tag! You’re it!”

You having sex didn’t cause the human life you claim to have the right to abort, any more than your alarm clock caused the sun to rise this morning. All human life is given from a Higher source. You may have had a hand in the physical body, but not the life, the being, the consciousness.

And think about the word ‘abort’ in the first place. You can’t abort something that hasn’t officially and truly started in the first place. You can only abort a mission once the mission has already started. You can only abort an experiment once the experiment has already started. You can only abort a life that has already started. That’s why abortion is murder.

You didn’t ask to be born, but were given the gift. And you have no right to withhold that gift from someone else, whose soul wants to enter this world through you. Those of us in the first world think it’s up to us to decide, but we’re hopelessly deluded. Life doesn’t side with political parties or Western ideologies or materialistic fantasies. It simply is.

Why in God’s name would you dare withhold life from another being that wants to come into existence, especially since somebody else gave you the very gift that you want to deny? You have no right.

Put it this way: What if I said it were my right (or choice) to kill my six year old child? We talk about these matters as if it were all a theory about an embryo, not a real, wet human being. And we celebrate the Federal court overturning Roe v. Wade…Oh, great, now the states get to decide if we can lawfully murder people or not. Woopee, what a victory. If we truly believed each embryo were a real, wet human being, then there would be no debate. Of course we’d outlaw abortion, because we’d realize it’s murder.

Still can’t see it this way? Let’s do another thought experiment. What if our government suddenly made abortion legal only for certain races or genders? So you can only abort black babies. Or you can only abort female babies. Or you can only abort Jewish babies. What would you think then? The whole world would be outraged, crying, “You’re discriminating against African Americans! You can’t do that! Black Lives Matter!” And you’d be right to decry such a satanic law.

Among other things, abortion is discrimination against white babies, black babies, red babies, yellow babies, rainbow babies, and all babies! But our wretched first world entitlement keeps us from seeing the truth, from protecting the vulnerable, and doing our part to make sure life goes on, during our watch.

If you still can’t see that the embryo is a real, living human being, then here’s another thought experiment. Imagine I grab a knife and threaten to stab your heart. You’d obviously and rightfully object. “But why?” I’d say, “It’s just heart tissue!”

“Yeah,” you’d object, “But it’s also me! And I can’t live without my heart tissue!”

So can’t you see? Yes, the embryo is ‘just’ tissue, but it’s also a human being. It’s both. Why can’t we see that? Just as you can’t survive without your heart tissue (or all your other ‘tissues,’ for that matter), neither can a new life survive without its embryonic tissue. That does not make it less of a person, but it makes it an actual person. Just like you. We are both body and soul, from start to finish.

In our so-called first world, we value our rights more than our responsibility. It may not be your fault that a baby was ‘handed’ to you, but it sure is your responsibility to let it live, even more, to give it the chance to enter your world, first.

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