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Discipleship Resources from Episode 56

We had Lt. Col. "KJ" Johnson on Episode #56 of Bumper Sticker Faith podcast. KJ is the Director of The C. S. Lewis Institute in Chicago. You can learn more about CSLI by listening to the episode.

KJ made available to BS Faith several documents to give away to you for free, to help you on your journey with God. While you can read these on your own, consider going through them with a friend or in a small group. Or, as KJ suggested, in a group of 3-4 people.

Louis and I loved talking with KJ and are excited to get these resources in your hands. Thanks for listening! And, remember, it starts with you

1 - Discipleship It Starts with You (KJ)
Download PDF • 411KB

2 - Call to Discipleship (Keller)
Download PDF • 434KB

3 - Discipleship for Changing Times (Wilkins)
Download PDF • 349KB

4 - The Call to Follow Christ (Stott)
Download PDF • 329KB

5 - Like Christ (Stott)
Download PDF • 688KB

6 - The Discipleship Deficit (Ogden)
Download PDF • 454KB

7 - The Transforming Impact of True Discipleship (Tarrants)
Download PDF • 325KB

8 - Spiritual Discipleship (Sanders)
Download PDF • 374KB

9 - Making Disciples Jesus' Way (Ogden)
Download PDF • 515KB

10 - Following Jesus Christ (Tarrants)
Download PDF • 360KB

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